Summer Blog 1 - Ajjay Mehrra’s Fashion Forecast for SS21

Menswear colour palette saw immense diversification this season due to the infiltration by womenswear. We are talking about a striking combination of vintage pastels and soft retro tints to increase the colour options for men while making them accessible at the same time. High time, you move forward from the greys and browns and add some experimentation to your wardrobe. No, we are not dissing the classics but we are just widening the perspective.

The year 2021 is the one for longing. The biggest shift we see is a rocketing desire of human beings to surround themselves with colors that offer a bit of escape, colours that reflect hope and optimism and colours that highlight the desire to connect to the nature.

Here are a few essential colour stories from the runway this season that ‘Aj’ feels you should definitely get your hands on-

1. The Feminine Vintage

Vintage revival has gained a lot of momentum this season and gender lines continued to blur. The seasons saw an emergence of womenswear colour in the menswear palette. An array of combinations in form of subtly muted retro tones became the talk of the town.

2. The Forgotten Primaries

Classic red, blues and yellows inspired from vintage athleticism are updated for the new season. We suggest these colours are made for both an overall statement look as well colour blocking from head to toe.

3. The Pastel Pals
Pastels took a more sophisticated approach this season with darker tints that tone down the previously used sugary shades. The menswear palette got expanded from its staple neutral go-to and got boosted with lilac and aqua hues.

4. The Classic Combination
Yin and Yang of fashion, you know what we are pointing at. The black and white duo can never go wrong and fashion is a living epitome of the same. With the right cut and silhouette, the monochromes outfits can save your day.

5. The Blend In
As the year 2021 brings in a wave of optimism and hope, think of beaches, desert sands, golden meadows and vacations. Cream is the finest neutral that is made for standing out as well as blending on, the choice is yours.

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