Current Trends in Menswear - From Paris to NYC

>Do you find it difficult to keep track of all the trends ?
It can be quite a task but don't worry, we are here to keep you up to date on what's happening in Vogue. Menswear is an interesting place at the moment. From reinvention of tailoring to a tribute to the past trends, this season had a lot to offer. From streets to the runway, we are here to present you with the latest trends that 2020 has to offer. A little beacon of hope in the form of fashion to keep you going and alive during a pandemic.

 1. The Flared Affair
The 70s are back - thin upper halves and an exaggerated bottom are sure to make an impact anywhere you go. Do not hesitate to experiment these trousers with your bespoke formal wear. You might be a little unsure of this at first but take our advice and make a fashion statement.
2. Oversize is My Size
This season was all about revisiting the past trends and flaunting them once again. Take it back to the 80s with an oversized blazer. Get ready to break the rule of 'made to fit' and try something refreshing and new. Whether it be a pinstripe or a solid colour, this is a great way to put a retro revival to any outfit.

3. More Minimal, Please
Beauty in simplicity and function - designers revisited sleeker, structured and uncluttered silhouettes. As the famous designer, Miuccia Prada said, "The clothes are simple, but with the concept of simplicity as an antidote to useless complication."

4. High Sir!
High waisted trousers keep coming back on the runway due to their versatility. This trend was first seen in the 40s and has only been appreciated more and more since then. From navy to cream, this is a great bottom to wear all year long and an easy article to pair something with.

5. Go Relaxed This Season
Not all tailoring has to be tight, liberate yourselves. Pair the ensemble with sneakers for a casual look and keep the blazer buttoned. Don't forget to carry  it all with confidence, one of the best and the most important accessories.

6. Personal Safe
Keep your belongings  safe in style with these super trendy cross body bags. Whether it is a messenger  style or a fanny, they give you a reason to carry your stuff in fashion. This is a great way to colour block or jazz up your outfit and at the same time helps you be practical.

Get inspired from these tips and use the trends to elevate your style and update or upcycle your wardrobe. Maybe, thank us later ?

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