The Gatsby Look

How can we go ahead in menswear and not talk about 'The Gatsby Look'?
Never has a movie created such a great impact in the fashion industry as it was created by 'The Great Gatsby .'

The protagonist, Jay Gatsby, a young millionaire leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Women go gaga over his mysterious charm and fall in love with his style. As intimidating or challenging as it may seem, it is relatively easy to achieve this look. All it needs is a little effort and attention to detail. You might think that this style may look outdated but here are a few tips from our side to intertwine this look with a modern twist and you're great to go.

 Men in the 1920s wore a suit to everything. They continue to remain the must-haves even now but 1920s saw the birth of menswear as we see it today. Old is gold, and a classic 'Gatsby Suit' could turn eyes and wouldn't go unnoticed in 2020 as well. Consider a cool colour palette - grey, light blue, medium brown and suits with either peak lapels or notch lapels and sew it all together in a bespoke. Voila, you just ticked off the top three things off the list for the most desired 'Gatsby Look.' But there are a few other pointers to keep in mind if you want to nail the look completely.

A matching  suit and a vest were the style staples of Jay Gatsby's costume. Don't fret if you don't have a matching vest, a vest from the same colour family could just do the trick or you could even go for solid colours, plaid, checks or windowpane patterns on it. When we look at the pant paradigms of the 1920s, pleats were a big no no. Instead flat fronts, cuffed hems and the classic suspenders  were the style statement. To get this look, buy a classic formal pant in a size slightly bigger than yours to make space for suspenders and finish the look with the same coloured blazer on top to keep the look monochromatic. Lastly, when we talk about shirts, an iconic 'Gatsby ' shirt  has pointed collars or round club collars and french cufflinks. Opt for a solid coloured shirt for winters and a striped or check shirt for summers.

How can we get away without emphasising on accessories ?

Leave your boring solid coloured brogues  in the closet and go for a two coloured vintage brogues which scream 'Gatsby'. Make sure that these colours compliment your suit otherwise your entire look could be a disaster. If you want to further jazz up your ensemble, accessorise with a fedora or a newsboy hat and a printed bowtie, mostly polka dots or diagonal stripes.

Are you ready to flaunt your 'Gatsby ' look  ? We think you are if you  get all or even just a few of the pointers right. We hope you understand  the intricacies of the era and suit that with your personality.


Two coloured vintage brogues
Newsboy Cap


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