Summer Blog 2 - Ajjay Mehrra’s Fashion Forecast for SS21

It’s no surprise that 2021 ushers dawn of optimism and ebullience. This notion translates into rule-breaking silhouettes, bolder renditions, and creative synergies. Menswear SS21’ comes forward as a new era in the fashion industry - an era responsible for uplifting the spirits and triumph of humanity over a pandemic that brought everything to a standstill.

A perfect balance of essentials and extraneous - simplicity and timelessness of classics as opposed to the return of prints and exaggerations. Among the trends is also a nostalgic throwback to the 80s, the explosion of wider and boxy shapes and a pastel palette to bring in the season of breezy undertones and gleeful moods.

Ajjay mehrra presenting the trends to look out for in Spring Summer 21’

1. Pockets Parade

An array of houses produced jackets, trousers, shirts - all with one purpose, blending utility with fashion and coming forward with a multitude of patch pockets. We don’t think a trend as convenient as this one has ever been produced, don’t you agree?

Caution - Carry only the necessary and obviously the extras. Tis’ the season of dramatization and making an overstatement.

2. Suits to Suit

Go wide or go home because this season marks the return of relaxed tailoring in form of ultra-wide hemlines and a 1980s throwback. We are talking about massively oversized suits to hide that extra weight you gained during the lockdown. You’re welcome! Just a little advice, make sure that your blazer fits the shoulders and your lapels are peaked.

3. Classic Climate

Who doesn’t look great in a neat cut classic black suit? Perhaps, one of the easiest styles to pull off. Minimalism at its finest - black, white, and sheer elegance is the recipe for success. What’re you waiting for, we already gave you the perfect reason to buy a fresh new addition to your wardrobe.

4. Pastel Paradise

A reminder for the nth time - you can never go wrong with the colours bespoke for Spring - ‘pastels’. For Spring Summer 21’ get your hands on pastels such as candyfloss and dusty rose or periwinkle and mustard because if you don’t, you are definitely doing it wrong.

5. Vest Variety

In addition to the oversized 80s formals, roomy two pieces in muted shades came worn in with V neck sweaters, utility vests, and wrap shirts which were all designed expressly. If you’re looking for something out of the box this season, this trend’s dedicated to you.

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